A Perfect Child In A Severely Imperfect World...What Have I Done??

Monday, January 2, 2017

The other day Landon was lying sound asleep in his crib. He had been overcome with exhaustion and cried himself to the brink of sleep when I was finally able to calm him. I sat there exhausted and in pain from watching him so hopeless and upset. In that moment things were still and it felt as though time was halted. I had a conscious vision of Landon's life and the many inevitable times he could and would experience pain. I thought of the first fall from his bike, scraping his knee, the first time he would be called a name at school, and even the first strike out in his little league game. My mind wandered to junior high, high school, and his first broken heart.  Then I thought even deeper and farther ahead.  The chance of mental, emotional, physical illness, or the stark reality of losing a dear loved one. 
I thought to myself, how could I bring such a precious and perfect being into such a severely imperfect world with such hate, violence, and pain? What have I done? 
As I thought and pondered deeper, I remembered earlier that day, the elation on his face as he spent 30 minutes wide-eyed and giggling for mom and dad. This began steering me from all the pain to all the JOYFUL moments. Moments like the day he no longer needs his training wheels, his first kiss, and finding his first true love. The thought of his own family and holding his first born child in his arms for the first time. Growing old with the love of his life and looking back on all the happiness this life had brought him. And most of all, the thought of the many lives that he will have the opportunity to bless. 
In that moment, I realized that he would experience JOY, even more joy than pain. Our awful and painful day to day experiences are too often the main focus of our lives and seem to overshadow the joy and the potential for happiness in this world.
As Landon lay fast asleep in his crib, I imagined his dreams and the happiness they were bringing him and for that moment he and I both forgot about the pain and I stepped out of the room to simply let him experience joy.

First Family Photos

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Last week we had our first family photos taken. Our amazing photographers @jayandhaicreative tag teamed which was AWESOME. On our way there we realized that we forgot Landon's shoes! We stopped by my mom's place and ended up leaving with doll shoes off of one of my favorite baby dolls. Whatever works right? We actually ended up really liking them! 😂 I still can't believe that these boys are mine forever! I just love them so much. 

"You Know You're A New Mother When..."

Saturday, November 12, 2016

You know you are a new mom when:

1. Your baby is born, and you just don't think they can get any cuter...but looking back at pictures you realize, they most definitely do!!!

2. As your baby's cheeks get chunkier, the urges to kiss them transform into urges to eat them.  Is this just me?

3. In the beginning, breastfeeding can seem impossible. But eventually, you find yourself eating a taco salad, texting, and watching TV while simultaneously feeding your baby.

4. You are unable to soothe your baby for the first time,  and you feel like social services is going to show up at your door and ask to see your receipt.

5. You FINALLY put your baby down for his much needed nap, but about 20 minutes later you realize you miss REALLY miss him!

6. You come to find that even the most careful, calculating placement of a burp cloth on your shoulder doesn't always protect your brand new shirt from Nordstrom Rack.

7. Your husband quickly learns to never say "I'm tired" or "I'm pretty sure he's still hungry."

8. Waking up to feed your baby can feel impossible in the middle of the night, but getting up to go get a nutritious snack (like a heaping spoonful of Nutella) is definitely doable. I figure if baby can eat in the middle of the night, so can mommy.

9. Upon feeding your baby, you set him in his crib and close your eyes, only to wake up to him fussing 2 minutes later...NO WAIT 2 HOURS LATER?? How the heck did that happen?

10. Your spouse has been holding the baby for three minutes, you start to feel envious and demand that it is your turn!

11. Eventually you only find yourself cleaning off your baby's dropped pacifier when you are in a public place where people can see you.

12. You don't realize how much your baby really sleeps, so the adolescent term "Netflix and Chill" literally means "Netflix and Chill."

13. You find yourself posting a million pictures of your baby when you told your husband you would NEVER be that mom!

14.You start to get emotional when an outfit that was once huge on your baby no longer seems to fit.

15. Every new face, sound and milestone is just more exciting than those that came before.

16. You find your husband and baby interacting in a candid moment and realize you love him more than you ever thought possible.

17. You have the stark realization that your life will never be as free or simple as it was, and in some moments you long for the other side where the grass seems greener.

18. Loosing your new baby quickly climbs the ladder of your greatest fears and reaches number 1 (Leapfrogging spiders and world-wide Nutella depletion).

19. You have those moments when you and your baby stare into each other's eyes and there is a feeling of mutual understanding, recognition, and love...a feeling that is difficult to explain.

20. You and your husband find yourselves in a still and peaceful apartment watching your baby sleep and he quietly whispers "I can't believe he is ours."

It is those moments when you realize,

21. That the grass is greener on this side. It is longer, thicker, more difficult to traverse, needs more water and sunlight and trimming, but boy is it green.

The Moments That Matter Most

Monday, October 24, 2016

With the Church Family Clan spread from the northwest clear to the east coast, it makes getting together difficult. About once a year, everyone's schedules miraculously align and the dates are set. Flights are booked, meals and activities are made (mostly by Grandma Church), and the fun begins! From watching family home videos, to wandering around a muddy pumpkin patch, playing wiffle ball or just talking into the late hours of the night, each moment is truly special.

Having been grafted into the Church Family myself, I have come to appreciate the effort it takes for them to get together.  Sometimes I take for granted the close proximity my family is lucky enough to have, and the time I have to spend with them because of it.

With all the shenanigans we face day-to-day in our increasingly busy lives, one staple we have is family. Family is an important constant as everything else around us is in motion and continuously changing. Jobs, school, sports, friends, are all worthwhile ways to spend our time, but there are things that matter more. 

These are just a few of those moments that matter most!

The Moments That Matter Most:

Welcome Little Church

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Well, here goes nothing! I have been hesitant to start this blog for a while now. My main concern was not wanting to present my life as something it is not. For that reason I am going to try and make sure that each post reflects the real of the real. The true life of the Little Church family.

I thought it would only be fitting to start my blog off by introducing the newest addition to our family:

 Landon Bryce Church

I will keep this post brief as I am sure that all the lovely birthing details are a lot more exciting for me to write about and a lot less comfortable for you to read about!

It was exactly a week before the due date, and I woke up early that morning feeling extremely anxious. Up until then I had been patiently waiting for our Little Church's arrival with no urgency to go into labor. At dark thirty one morning, I rolled over to Bryce and exclaimed: "I'm having this baby today, no matter what is takes!" He laughed it off and, unconvinced, he went back to sleep... I, however, was convinced. I got up and made sure that our bags were completely packed in the car and ready to go (cell phone chargers and everything). I spent the day doing anything I thought would induce labor--only safe methods of course. I even found myself looking at different Chinese medicinal got real! Bryce and I went to the gym as I waddled through my workout, trying to stay active.

When the evening rolled around, my anticipation turned to desperation. Sooo when the sensation came that I had sat in an invisible puddle of water, I made sure whoever was within a 10 mile radius knew, by yelling "MY WATER BROKE!" Bryce was in the next room and STILL not convinced, he yelled back, "Ya Right!" With the small manmade pond in our bathroom as my proof, he was forced to believe me. I had the hospital navigation ready to go in our GPS, because we have been known to get lost going to the grocery store.  We jumped in the car and joked about going to dinner and grabbing a movie on our way.

From that point on, everything went very smoothly, and we felt very blessed. Our little man was born the next morning on July 21st at 7:47 am. Making his advent at a whopping 6 lbs 6 ounces and 18 1/2 inches, Landon greeted the world.  

Landon has been the sweetest little bundle of joy and the perfect addition to our family. For the most part, he is a mild tempered baby who loves to grace us with toots and smiles each day.

Answers to FAQs: 
Yes, he has a ton of hair 
Yes, it is red
No, we don't know where it came from :)

The three of us together just feels so right. 

Photos taken by: (@merryhappyphoto)
by mlekoshi