The Moments That Matter Most

Monday, October 24, 2016

With the Church Family Clan spread from the northwest clear to the east coast, it makes getting together difficult. About once a year, everyone's schedules miraculously align and the dates are set. Flights are booked, meals and activities are made (mostly by Grandma Church), and the fun begins! From watching family home videos, to wandering around a muddy pumpkin patch, playing wiffle ball or just talking into the late hours of the night, each moment is truly special.

Having been grafted into the Church Family myself, I have come to appreciate the effort it takes for them to get together.  Sometimes I take for granted the close proximity my family is lucky enough to have, and the time I have to spend with them because of it.

With all the shenanigans we face day-to-day in our increasingly busy lives, one staple we have is family. Family is an important constant as everything else around us is in motion and continuously changing. Jobs, school, sports, friends, are all worthwhile ways to spend our time, but there are things that matter more. 

These are just a few of those moments that matter most!

The Moments That Matter Most:

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