"You Know You're A New Mother When..."

Saturday, November 12, 2016

You know you are a new mom when:

1. Your baby is born, and you just don't think they can get any cuter...but looking back at pictures you realize, they most definitely do!!!

2. As your baby's cheeks get chunkier, the urges to kiss them transform into urges to eat them.  Is this just me?

3. In the beginning, breastfeeding can seem impossible. But eventually, you find yourself eating a taco salad, texting, and watching TV while simultaneously feeding your baby.

4. You are unable to soothe your baby for the first time,  and you feel like social services is going to show up at your door and ask to see your receipt.

5. You FINALLY put your baby down for his much needed nap, but about 20 minutes later you realize you miss REALLY miss him!

6. You come to find that even the most careful, calculating placement of a burp cloth on your shoulder doesn't always protect your brand new shirt from Nordstrom Rack.

7. Your husband quickly learns to never say "I'm tired" or "I'm pretty sure he's still hungry."

8. Waking up to feed your baby can feel impossible in the middle of the night, but getting up to go get a nutritious snack (like a heaping spoonful of Nutella) is definitely doable. I figure if baby can eat in the middle of the night, so can mommy.

9. Upon feeding your baby, you set him in his crib and close your eyes, only to wake up to him fussing 2 minutes later...NO WAIT 2 HOURS LATER?? How the heck did that happen?

10. Your spouse has been holding the baby for three minutes, you start to feel envious and demand that it is your turn!

11. Eventually you only find yourself cleaning off your baby's dropped pacifier when you are in a public place where people can see you.

12. You don't realize how much your baby really sleeps, so the adolescent term "Netflix and Chill" literally means "Netflix and Chill."

13. You find yourself posting a million pictures of your baby when you told your husband you would NEVER be that mom!

14.You start to get emotional when an outfit that was once huge on your baby no longer seems to fit.

15. Every new face, sound and milestone is just more exciting than those that came before.

16. You find your husband and baby interacting in a candid moment and realize you love him more than you ever thought possible.

17. You have the stark realization that your life will never be as free or simple as it was, and in some moments you long for the other side where the grass seems greener.

18. Loosing your new baby quickly climbs the ladder of your greatest fears and reaches number 1 (Leapfrogging spiders and world-wide Nutella depletion).

19. You have those moments when you and your baby stare into each other's eyes and there is a feeling of mutual understanding, recognition, and love...a feeling that is difficult to explain.

20. You and your husband find yourselves in a still and peaceful apartment watching your baby sleep and he quietly whispers "I can't believe he is ours."

It is those moments when you realize,

21. That the grass is greener on this side. It is longer, thicker, more difficult to traverse, needs more water and sunlight and trimming, but boy is it green.


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    1. haha I feel like whenever the pacifier drops there is always that one person just staring at you waiting to see what you are going to do!!


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